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so i admit i knew absolutely NOTHING about mr. chip kidd before i came to school here, and now i’m sad that i was so lost for so many years! no really, i had the great opportunity to see mr. kidd speak tonight at SCAD and he was absolutely amazing! funny, witty, crazy, cynical, real, and apparently a complete whore according to him 🙂

but as expected, his work was amazing, and what i especially thought was clever was for him to show us which ideas got totally trashed and why. some were really good and some were …yeah…not that grrrt.

but the best part of the night was a New York Times crossword challenge he gave us. according to him, as designers, there are two things we need to learn to do: (1) learn to write, and (2) learn to do NYT crossword puzzles… it’s all about understanding words and language and learning how to interpret and communicate that language in different ways.

So at the beginning of his speech, he gave us the following clues to see if we could figure out the puzzle. Here it is, see if you can solve it too:

10-letter word.
Number of people.
A _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ A

Let me know what you think it is. I think you’ll be amazed! Either that, or you’ll make me feel really stupid 🙂

In the meantime, check out his website too: chip kidd


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