weigh in tres… is this some kind of a TEST?


so I was gonna lie about my weigh in today cuz truth be told I woulda been thrown off of Celebrity Fit Club AND Biggest Loser by now!!!! ok, it’s not that bad but I didn’t realize gettin this weight off would be this hard especially with me working as hard as I have to move this along! 😦

ok, ok here are the numbers:
weight: 189.2lbs (no change)
body fat%: 36.8% (-1.4%)
water weight%: 45.8% (+.8%)

so let’s see… looks like my body fat percentage is going down which is good! that means I’m at least gettin some lean muscle in there to help with the process.. NOW we just need the weight to make its move. damn this being a woman thing! i feel like that woman in the commercial talkin about how her and her husband were dieting and HE lost all the weight! i swear women have to work 10 times harder to get this junk off! … maybe i should take up smoking until i get to my goal…. hmm…. nah

anyhoo, looks like I just have to keep pluggin away, can’t give up now! i wish i could afford to do a weight watchers or something now, but i’m just gonna have to do my own plan for now and let it work in its own time… FUN! guess i won’t be on any commercials talkin about, “i lost 100 lbs in ONE DAY!” eergh


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